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Administrative Support

With LX, IT Admin can create a sub-institute to the Parent Institute, classify users as ‘Paid’, ‘Demo’, and ‘Internal’ etc., track users’ accepting license agreement and send notifications to learners who use a specific browser. In addition, IT Admin can also turn off blogs and groups, as and when required.

Message Box

The LX message box is extremely user-friendly and enables quick organisation. Users can create a new message, archive messages, send messages and the recipients are notified via email to instructors or pre-configured users.


This enables users to access multiple institutes with a single ID, change institutes without having to logout and access notes directly from their workspace. Users can also see friends/course mates online; they also have the option of appearing ‘ Offline’ to others.


This enables users to send bulk notification via news flashes and an internal messaging system.

Round the Clock Accessibility

Focused Interaction

Simple Management

Economical Learning

Distinctive Branding

Secure and Standardised Learning