About Learning eXchange

Discover Learning eXchange ( LX ) – where technology-enhanced self-study, collaborative learning and access to further knowledge through the eXchange provide a holistic learning environment for adults.

Convert your college, university, institute or corporation into a nurturing, dynamic virtual educational space.  Access newer markets while creating concrete learning experiences for your current learners.

Technology-enhanced self-study

Use this cost-efficient personal learning platform to rapidly create, deliver and manage educational courses that are innovative, asynchronous and engaging. Learn at your pace, in your time and from the location of your choice. Emulate, using technology, your typical study methods such as writing along the margins, highlighting, tagging, glossary creation, note-taking and note-sharing. Reinforce learning through online labs, simulations, character-based stories and other innovative, yet pedagogically sound content.

A collaborative forum

LX ushers in an educational era where students, instructors and management interact seamlessly across space and time. It provides a collaborative forum where learning never stops as it makes knowledge accessible at all times, and better still, at your time.

An eXchange area for content

Augment your initial learning through other, related, resources on the topic.  Engage in life-long continual learning through resources published by other partners on Learning eXchange.  Get access to what others have created and take your content to newer markets – securely. Who knows where opportunities lie?

An immersive learning environment

LX is the result of LearningMate’s extensive research and experience in the world of end-to-end educational online solutions. With LX, our goal is to provide the end-user with an immersive and complete educational experience through superior technology and content.

Our approach

LearningMate believes that through strategic eLearning initiatives, it is able to nurture a long-term relationship with an educational entity that uses its service or products. LX offers several such opportunities.

LearningMate’s credo, therefore, for the long-term, is to seek partnerships that foster such initiatives, which, in turn, ensure continual success for its clients.