A unique online learning ecosystem, LX enables exchange of knowledge within a defined community – through collaboration and content eXchange. It aims to provide a meaningful educational experience for every learner through sound instructional content.

Content Creation

LX makes it possible to create diverse, engaging and rich content in a variety of languages with little effort. In LX, as instructors you have the workspace to author full-fledged learning programs. This means, you can choose the type of course or program you want to create and provide it to a community of learners. During course creation you can create rich lecture notes, multiple assessments and tests and even include glossary items and related content. You can also link from one place to another within a content item or add external links to content to provide relevant references to learners. Additionally, you can upload media – audios, videos, and animations – to convert the course or program into a powerful medium of communication. Creating multi-lingual courses is a breeze in LX.

Content Delivery – Collaboration

Today, Web 2.0 includes a variety of collaborative applications and virtual social forums that help people stay connected ‘24X7’ with their friends, advisors, colleagues and family. With the integration of web 2.0 tools such as discussion forums, message boards, blogs, and special forums to contact course members, LX simplifies content delivery and ensures optimal work flow. Course recommendations, notifications and updates of new as well as popular courses keep the learner ahead connected in the learning ecosystem.

Content Management

LX makes managing content simple. Creating and updating content online is enabled by an intuitive and powerful, user interface on LX.

Further, the system allows faculty and students to track progress, facilitates customisation of grade-books, and allows for real-time online activity tracking. Additionally, if your organisation chooses to work with LearningMate to develop content online, the company offers its services to manage, update, and maintain content.

Content eXchange

Learning eXchange is also a marketplace for your content. As a learner, you can see related content (based on the permissions set by the institution) to the courses that you have subscribed to. Widen your knowledge by reading from more sources than just your course notes. As an institution, you can buy content that you think might be relevant to your learners and make it accessible as you think fit. You may even put up any content you have created for others to view and subscribe to, thereby getting access to a whole new market for your creation. If you want to keep your content private, that is possible too. The entire process is secure and completely in your control. Your content is your copyright. Always.

Content Security

Securing content is a primary and high-priority for LearningMate.  The LX platform ensures protection of confidential data and adopts strict global standards to avoid copyright infringement and violation of intellectual property. In addition, it allows for differentiation of user roles (instructor, student, administrative staff etc.) which in turn ensures restricted access.

We understand that phishing, e-mail spoofing, computer hacking and various other cyber crimes have caused havoc in many a company.  We are committed to provide the best possible protection to our clients’ data.

Platform Reliability

The platform is hosted with one of the world’s leading hosting services provider.  With some of the best security features and excellent up-time and availability record, LX accommodates even some of the most stringent reliability requirements of the learning community.  Further, LearningMate ensures that the product is continually updated with new features and security and performance enhancements. Increasing users does not affect the performance or the reliability of the system, giving users a consistent experience.

At a higher level of engagement, managed services also include support facilities for students, instructors and administrators in the educational enterprise as well as access to global learning programs.

Corporate Branding

LX provides a variety of means to adapt the look & feel of the interface to reflect the values and brand of the customer entity.  Put up your logo, change the colours to match your institution/company’s template. Each institute in Learning eXchange can be configured specifically according to an organisation’s requirement. Even though Learning eXchange is a SaaS product, each instance in LX has its own identity.