LearningMate believes that LX is the future of online education because of its multiple benefits. Using LX definitely translates into taking a huge step forward in the constantly evolving world of eLearning.

Here are few LX positives :

Round the Clock Accessibility

LX allows you to communicate with learners, anytime, anywhere – literally 24×7 – as long as both parties have access to the Internet. Subsequently, it converts knowledge sharing into a continuous process that enables education to expand beyond the four walls of a classroom. Learners, faculty and management have the flexibility to monitor progress as well as create, deliver and manage content, round the clock, resulting in efficient operations and smooth knowledge transfer.

Focused Interaction

Collaborative LX features include message boards, discussion forums, blogs and member groups. These applications ensure that learners acquire a holistic learning experience just as they would in a ‘real’ classroom while interacting with peers and subject matter experts. Social interaction, although informal, is focused on the course or program. This guided interaction with fellow students as well as instructors ensures dynamic knowledge creation and transfer.

Simple Management

LX makes managing learning programmes easy. Rapidly configure LX to deliver customised learning programmes, processes and workflows. Additionally, analyse learner progress in detail through various channels that allow continuous feedback. Track learner behavior, indirectly or directly and in turn, transform online learning management into a simple task.

Economical Learning

Managing learning processes for scattered audiences is costly. LX enables continuous knowledge transfer across space and time and thereby minimises all costs related to travel. Consequently, it provides increased opportunities to faculty and students to concentrate on learning. Additionally, using LX does not include annual licensing costs or minimum user requirements. In other words, you pay, only for the period you use it. More importantly, you do not need to invest in infrastructure or hire professionals to take care of the system; LX helps cut down on maintenance costs too. In a nutshell, the LX infrastructure reduces overheads significantly and ensures quality learning and training.

Distinctive Branding

LX is a SaaS (software as service) model; however, you can make it ‘your LX’. Use your logo, color palette and organisational information to personalise this unique digital learning platform. Retain your brand and character with LX.

Secure and Standardised Learning

LX offers the highest standards in security and privacy. All organisational data, content and learner profiles are encapsulated and secured from public access. It follows strict standards to ensure protection of intellectual property as well as to avoid infringement of copyrights. Additionally, content developed in LX meets well-established global standards.