In action

LearningMate offers a wide variety of managed services with LX, a learning platform built to cater and manage various learning needs.

Higher Educational Institutes

Online education is the buzzword today. Increasingly, all over the world, people are opting for education online because of busy work schedules, advantages of paced learning and an economical outlook. With a dozen collaborative applications, no longer does a learner feel estranged in the virtual medium. LX is an ideal platform to optimise online higher education.

Here’s how: educational institutes, both national and international stand to benefit from LearningMate’s longstanding association with premier educational organisations in the U.S. and in the U.K. Depending on the kind of service chosen, LX facilitates immediate exchange of world-class content on a global platform. At the minimum, as a higher educational institute, LX enables you to effortlessly author, deliver and manage content thereby enabling you to have an e-campus.

Teacher Training

Good education, more often than not, begins with a good teacher. Effective teachers proactively seek knowledge and want to upgrade their skills constantly. It’s important that teachers keep abreast of the latest developments in their field since they are fountainheads of knowledge. Today, discussion boards, blogs and the social forums on the Internet are all tools that can provide a tremendous boost to the quality of teaching as well as teacher training. LX makes all of this possible in a systematic way on a dynamic platform that facilitates rapid knowledge transfer.

Corporate Training

Training in the corporate world requires punctuality, speed and error-free execution. With LX, trainers as well as trainees can access knowledge round-the-clock, create contextual discussion groups and export learning programmes to standard-compliant formats. Other LX features that are bound to be useful in the corporate world include customisation of grade books, score reporting and easy tracking of learner progress.


LX allows you to embed and tag content, connect blogs to published content, re-use existing content and auto-define glossary items. Most importantly, for publishers, LearningMate assures complete Digital Rights Management. In other words, LX has inbuilt features that ensure security of confidential content. In addition, LearningMate assures its clientele protection of confidential data and adopts strict global standards to avoid copyright infringement and violation of intellectual property.

Special Educational Needs

Holistic education must recognise and nurture individual differences and needs. Very often, children have special requirements because of physical, mental or emotional impairments. All children have the right to education. However, education that caters to special needs requires consistent monitoring of well-planned techniques, an accessible platform and use of special equipment and material. LX enables all this and more, albeit in the digital medium. The accessibility of LX as a medium of content exchange makes it easy to cater to special needs’ programmes.