Together we can create value.

Collaboration is the key to successful entrepreneurship. LearningMate aims to partner with Publishers, Higher Education Institutes and Corporates to provide rich digital content for new age learners through LX. Create better value for you. Revolutionise learning. Choose to become our partner.

Partnership Benefits

LearningMate has been in the eLearning business for over six years now, catering to top publishers and universities globally. The team carries significant experience, skill, and expertise in the area of content development, technology and managed services. As a LX partner you will not only gain from our experience but also gain access to other benefits such as:

  • Insight into eLearning best practices and innovative techniques
  • Assistance in content development
  • Access to world-class content
  • Access to a largerĀ  marketplace for your content

Become Our Partner

There are various partnership opportunities to choose from. You could choose to become a content, technology or integration partner, or you could partner with us by becoming a reseller. Your options are limitless. To learn more about the processes, email us at: or register yourself here.